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El cos més bonic que s'haurà trobat mai en aquest lloc

Pere Arquillué / Josep Maria Miró



October, 01

6 p.m.


90 minutes




Between 8 and 25 euros

Recommended age

From 14 years

Pere Arquillué stars in this seven-voice monologue about a small town, its inhabitants and secrets.

The body of a seventeen-year-old boy is found dead, dressed only in a red bathing suit and sneakers, in the middle of a forage field. This corpse's finding begins this text for a single interpreter, in which through various voices, as if it were an exorcism ritual, we will delve into this fact and the beautiful rural landscape of a small town where, apparently, nothing ever happens. We will get to know some of its inhabitants and the secrets they hide, particularly the figure of his father, Ramis, who died a decade ago and becomes a crucial piece in this Rashomon.

El cos més bonic que s'haurà trobat mai en aquest lloc (The Most Beautiful Body Found on This Site) received the XLV Born Award in 2020. Josep Maria Miró becomes the first author to win this prestigious award, created in 1970, on three occasions. In 2009 he received it for La dona que perdia tots els avions and in 2011 for El principi d'Arquímedes. The play is part of the Tríptic de l'epifania, comprising three texts for a single interpreter.

Critic's Award for best text (Josep Maria Miró). Critic's Award for Best Lead Actor (Pere Arquillué).

Josep Maria Miró

Direction, lighting design, set design and music composition
Xavier Albertí

Direction assistant
Roger Vila

Pere Arquillué

Head engineer and lighting engineer
Toni Ubach

Sound engineer
Uriel Ireland

Quim Reixach, Sergi Llopart, Carles Llopart, Quirze Egea

Executive production and stage management
Nuri Santaló / Marta Colell

Production manager
Josep Domènech

A Temporada Alta production

Co-production with Teatre Romea


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