Theater Great Hall


El proceso

Ernesto Caballero / Centro Dramático Nacional



October, 31

8 p.m.


95 minutes




Between 8 and 35 euros

Based on the novel by Franz Kafka, playwriting and direction by Ernesto Caballero.

One morning, two officers show up at the guesthouse where the bank manager Josef K. lives to inform him that a legal proceeding has just been opened against him, whose cause they ignore. They tell him he must appear immediately in court to clarify his situation. From that moment on, K.'s life will be caught up in an absurd and endless process that, as one of the members of the court indicates, includes the defendant's own conviction.

K.'s uncle then decides to help his nephew and bring him together with his lawyer friend so that he can take over his defence despite the illness that keeps him in bed. However, lawyer Huld's efforts do not end up paying off, so K. finally decides to take over his own case. He then contacts painter Titorelli, a well-connected person in court as a judge's portraitist, who does not guarantee an acquittal—best case scenario, just a prolonged cause's deferral.

The nonsense and frustration increase until, finally, two bailiffs get the defendant, take him to a quarry on the outskirts of the city, and there, summarily and bureaucratically enforce a death sentence. Before perishing, Josef K. still manifests a rare guilt. 

Based on the novel by Franz Kafka

Playwriting and direction
Ernesto Caballero

Performers (in alphabetical order)
Carlos Hipólito, Paco Ochoa, Jose Luis Alcobendas, Jorge Basanta, Germán Torres, Ainhoa Santamaría, Olivia Baglivi, Jorge Machín

Stage design
Mónica Boromello

Paco Ariza

Anna Tusell

Original music
José María Sánchez-Verdú

Sound space
Miguel Agramonte

Sara Álvarez

Jose Luis Sendarrubias

Direction assistant
Pablo Quijano

Staging assistant
Mauro Coll

Lighting assistant
Daniel Checa

Wardrobe assistant
Eleni Chaidemenaki

Luz Soria

Bárbara Sánchez Palomero

Billboard design
Equipo SOPA

A Centro Dramático Nacional and Lantia Escénica co-production.


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