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La Trup



January, 26

8 p.m.

January, 27

8 p.m.


90 minutes



1535. Emperor Charles the 1st has arrived in Menorca on his way to Tunisia. He wants to meet Roger Genestar. Who is he? A simple bird breeder who has personally met Barbarossa and the emperor wants him by his side. Roger Genestar explain us how he met Barbarossa, how he fell in love with one of his slaves and how, in order to get her, he travelled around the Mediterranean until he reached the admiral-corsair's palace. Barbarossa agreed to negotiate with the young man who was risking his life for his love.

Finally Roger returned to Menorca alive but without the slave. Roger and the corsair would meet again, as after Charles I's victorious expedition in Tunisia, Barbarossa would seek revenge in the town of Maó, which he would besiege. The authorities negotiate a surrender, ignoring Roger's advice, but Barbarossa does not respect anything and passes through the town with blood and fire. Roger's wife dies and he discovers that she was the slave he thought years ago was leaving with Barbarossa. All his life he pursued an illusion, not realising that he had her by his side.

Sergi Marí

Adaptació de la novel·la i dramatúrgia
Clara del Ruste, Sergi Marí

Equip de mirada externa
Sergi Marí, Montse González, Agnès Romeu, Àlvar Triay

Escenografia i vestuari
Tònia Coll Florit, Marga de La Llana

Composició musical i espai sonor
Pere Pelegrí Ripoll

Direcció musical
Queralt Albinyana

Disseny d'il·luminació
Sergi Marí, Eugeni Marí

Queralt Albinyana
Enka Alonso
Rodo Gener
Eugeni Marí
Josep Mercadal
Xavier Núñez
Agnès Romeu
Àlvar Triay