Music Great Hall


Handel's Messiah

Orfeó Ramon Llull / Ars Antiqua / Musicantes de Mallorca / Fernando Marina



December, 22

8 p.m.


120 minutes

Handel's Messiah is a pinnacle work for Humanity. Its participative performance is recurring in many cities. Participative projects are those that have choirs and singers added to the promoters. El Messies dels cantaires 2023 will be a participative project promoted by the Orfeó Ramon Llull.

In Mallorca, there were participative Messiahs at Christmas for fifteen years in a row, from 2005 to 2019. Many were organised by the Fundació La Caixa. The others (from 2011 and 2012 and from 2016 to 2019) were promoted by Orfeó Ramon Llull. Two took place (2011 and 2012) at the Teatre Principal de Palma and the others (2016-2019) at the Basílica de Sant Francesc. After the COVID shutdown, in 2022, the tradition resumed, and a participative Messiah was sung in Palma, in Sant Francesc (besides a second edition in Pollença).

This year, 2023, the participative Messiah returns, with enthusiasm, to the Teatre Principal. It will happen on December 22, conducted by the prestigious Fernando Marina – director of the Academia 1830, among other ensembles. The Orfeó Ramon Llull, Ars Antiqua, individual singers, different soloists and the chamber orchestra will participate. A second edition is planned in Manacor.

Orfeó Ramon Llull

Orfeó Ramon Llull
Ars Antiqua, cor de cambra  
Musicantes de Mallorca
Cor gros:  Cantaires individuals
Irene Masn
Mar Campo
Toni Aragon
Joan Miquel Muñoz
Orquestra de cambra