Family Great Hall


Peter & Pan

Escalante Centre d’Arts Escèniques-LaMar



January, 03

6 p.m.

January, 04

6 p.m.


60 minutes




Between 8 and 12 euros

Recommended age

From 8 years

Peter has forgotten his past. And the worst part is that when you forget your past, you forget your childhood. From his retirement home room's window, he grumpily witnesses how everything has changed, how the stars have stopped blinking, how the Ferris wheel has stopped turning. But the windows, when you forget about them, open and let in mischievous shadows.

And one of those shadows sneaks into Peter's memories. And, behind her, that child who never grew up appears. And his friend Tinkerbell. And the two of them take Peter to Neverland because, in Everland, there is no place for those who put memory aside. Remember, never close the window! That child is watching you, hanging from the Moon, hidden in your dreams, behind the lagoon's boulders, in your laughter's most secret corners, croaking as only immortal children know how. Cockadoodledoo!

An Escalante Centre Teatral-LaMar production.

Authored by
Xavo Giménez, María Cárdenas

Juli Cantó, Neus Alborch, Leo de Bari, Mercè Tienda, María Guerra, Guille Zavala, Xavo Giménez

Direction and stage space
Xavo Giménez

Direction and photography assistant
María Cárdenas

Production assistant
Laura Bellés

Costume design
Ana Garay

Lighting design
Mingo Albir

Sound design
Yapadú S.L.

Music composition
Carles Chiner

Creative advice
Jokin Oregui

Stage construction
Los Reyes del Mambo

Costume tailoring
Pascual Peris

Stage management
Sergio Ibánez 

Graphic design
Xavo Giménez

Educational dossier
Ana Giménez 

Executive production and distribution
a+ Soluciones culturales