Music Great Hall


Celebranting Tete Ignasi Terraza Trío, Perico Sambeat i Maria del Mar Bonet



December, 15

8 p.m.


95 minutes

Recommended age

From 10 years

Tete Montoliu has been the most international jazz musician our country has produced. Sponsored by Lionel Hampton and established as one of the greats of the genre, his figure has been essential for the projection of the language of jazz to the world from the European continent. In the course of his career, he recorded more than a hundred albums where he made clear his contribution as an absolute jazz musician and as a pianist of this language with his own distinctive identity. For this and for many other reasons in memory of the twenty-five years since his absence and the celebration of his 90th birthday in 2023, we have considered  opportune and necessary to activate this extraordinary proposal to keep the memory of his figure alive and on stage. 

The show adds the special participation of the singer Maria de Mar Bonet and the famous Valencian saxophonist Perico Sambeat. The main axis of the repertoire is focused on a selection of pieces that define the Tete Montoliu universe, through his own themes and those of the  musicians and genres that he reinterpreted with the mood  that distinguished him among the greatest jazz pianist of Europe. 

Jazz Voyeur Festival

Ignasi Terraza

Horacio Fumero 

David Xirgu