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We have a dream Brussels Jazz Orchestra & Tutu Puoane

Alternatilla Jazz Festival



December, 05

8 p.m.


90 minutes


Between 8 and 20 euros

Recommended age

From 12 years

The singer Tutu Puoane is from Antwerp but has South African origins. In 2001, Puoane graduated from Capetown University and moved to Europe. After studying in The Hague, she lives and works in Antwerp (Belgium). She is a fixture on the jazz scene and has worked with many of the biggest names on the Belgian and international jazz scene. She has seven albums to her name and at least as many original productions, often mixing European, American, and South African traditions. Previously, she worked with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra for Writing Billie, the New York City of Jazz and the album Mama Africa (2011), which was critically acclaimed and won a South African Music Award.

The album We Have A Dream was released in February 2018 on SoulFactory Récords, in co-production with de Singel (Antwerp) and partnership with Amnesty International. It may be unexpected, but the Brussels Jazz Orchestra (BJO) is not the kind of jazz orchestra that sticks to standards. We prefer to achieve the highest level of original music, creating unique arrangements and playing with inventiveness and passion. In fact, it is genuinely jazz with a dynamic orchestral sound, with a classical force in which each musician is also a brilliant soloist.

Alternatilla Jazz Festival

Tutu Puoane

Brussels Jazz Orchestra