Circus Great Hall



Compañía de circo Nueveuno



December, 30

6 p.m.


60 minutes




Between 8 and 12 euros

Recommended age

From 8 years

We see five men on stage. They are normal; they are up on a stage. Each one different and all the same. They take care of each other, push each other and celebrate together. They are throwing knives at their own shadow, watching themselves, moving the spotlights to illuminate different areas, showing their privacy and opening up to listen. Men who constantly question themselves but wallow in their own identity... they are, after all, five men.

Suspensión is a show called to communicate. It is a contemporary circus production in which we would like the audience to be able to watch and be moved. It is our ball thrown into the air that reaches the instant of hanging; the moment when anything can happen; the moment when we can give in to gravity or make different decisions; the moment a ball floats, and with it, everyone on stage holds their breath.

Art direction and original idea
Jorge Silvestre

Creation and performance
Carlos Marcos, Fernando Santa-Olalla, Jorge Silvestre, Josu Monton, Miguel Frutos

Playwriting, personal and group processes support and community intervention
Laura Presa and Fernando Gallego (La Rueda Teatro Social)

Iris Muñoz, José Triguero

External view and actors' direction
Rakel Camacho, Laura Presa, Fernando Gallego

Lighting design
Carlos Marcos

Music composition
Vaz Oliver

Stage design
Alfonso Reverón, Fernando Santa-Olalla, Miguel Frutos

Stage construction
Ijuggler Circus Props Maker 

Costume design and tailoring
Zaloa Basaldua, Josu Monton

Compañía de Circo Nueveuno

Daniel de la Iglesia

Alina O'Donnell