Poetry Great Hall


Festa de la poesia XXV Poetry Festival of the Mediterranean



October, 24

8 p.m.


80 minutes


Various languages



Recommended age

From 12 years

This year, the Poetry Festival of the Mediterranean celebrates a quarter of a century, indicating that we already achieved a safe and trustworthy tradition, given the unstable scene of spoken poetry and its outreach throughout society. New poets take part this year: four in Catalan, one in Portuguese, one in Basque, one in Galician, one in Spanish and one in French, presenting a wide variety of singularities in five languages. Seven women and three men will delight us with their vocal music, which they will recite accompanied by a composer and musician on the accordion. We will dedicate the festival to the memory of two poets. First to the Vallfogona Chancellor, Francesc Vicent Garcia i Ferrandis, dead 400 years ago—a great classic of baroque poetry, who wrote a clear and uninhibited eroticism persecuted by the Inquisition. We will also recite Jaume Vidal Alcover, born a hundred years ago in Manacor, who has left us a valuable poetic, narrative and stage work that has already achieved the category of a contemporary classic.

Poets participating
Miren Agur Meabe, in Basque
Francisca Camelo, in Portuguese
Yolanda Castaño, in Galician
Antonio Colinas, in Spanish
Jèssica Ferrer, in Catalan
Mireille Gansel, in French
Joan Tomàs Martínez, in Catalan
Llucia Palliser, in Catalan
Llucia Ramis, in Catalan
Joan Todó, in Catalan

Mauricio Villavecchia

Biel Mesquida