Music Great Hall


Marga Pocoví & Biel Tous Presentació nou disc "Cançons per estimar"



April, 09

8 p.m.


75 minutes




20 euros

Marga Pocoví presents her sixth álbum, released together with the musician Biel Tous. Cançons per Estimar consists of songs which have been either composed or arranged by these two artists who invite us to love, appreciate, value, share, and enjoy our lives in all their different versions. Apart from the new themes, we are also going to listen to the most famous songs that are present in her previous albums, some of which are demanded by the audience everywhere they go. 

They will be accompanied by the Orquesta Oasis, a band composed of twelve musician and celebrating its thirty-fourth anniversary on the stages of Mallorca. 

The work has a prominent Mediterranean aroma. Some of the new themes stand out, as it is the case of El cant de la bella lira, which recalls Miquel Costa i Llobera’s poem La deixa del geni grec; or Macarelleta, a descriptive poem that draws the beauty of this Menorcan inlet and its special charm. 

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