Circus Great Hall


Picasso (rey, monstruo y payaso) Un muntatge de Rhum, en el 50 aniversari de la mort de l'artista



April, 14

6 p.m.


90 minutes




Between 8 and 12 euros

Recommended age

From 14 years

Picasso, the fascinating bohemian artist from twentieth-century Spain, lives in a constant homage after his death. There is an unexpected visit in the celebration of his anniversary: the clowns of Rhum&Cia. The poet, chronicler, and Picasso’s old friend Ramón Gómez de la Serna is going to accompany the clowns in this adventure. Ramón loves mystery: what was Picasso hiding after his harlequin mask? Why did he dream of Minotaurs? 

Ramon and his companions invoke a labyrinth of friends, women, and legends that turned Picasso into a myth. A splendid retable where the emperor of the artists gets naked and dressed up again. Picasso (Rey, Monstruo y Payaso) questions, in the tone of Rhum&Cia, the story of a painter who went through different epochs and styles. With a staging that is as meticulous as it is entertaining, this work also includes happy melancholic hints. 

* FREE PARKING: 2 hours of free subterranean parking in Via Roma, Plaça Major, and Antoni Maura SMAP. You only need to show your parking ticket to the theatre staff or to the ticket window, who is going to provide you with a discount ticket. 

María Folguera

Joan Arqué

Jordi Martínez, Joan Arqué, Piero Steiner, Mauro Paganini, Queralt Albinyana, Xavi Lozano, Lluc Armengol

Direction assistant and movement direction
Carla Tovias

Scenography and lights
Adrià Pinar

Dressing design
Nidia Tusal

Musical composition and back projection design
Mauro Paganini


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