Dance Small Hall


Colectivo Lisarco




September, 21

8 p.m.


55 minutes


15 euros

Imagine a space without borders, prejudice, barriers, racism or machismo. Imagine a space where synergies are produced naturally. Utopian? Now, concentrate on that place in your mind and transfer it to the Sala Petita. Nine artists, musicians and dancers embody the choreography and create and recreate landscapes and places, transforming the physical space. Nine artists who break down barriers and propose new models for the relationship between the spectator and the stage, who illustrate a real paradigm shift. What is happening? The Lisarco Collective carries out inclusive and educational artistic projects. They work with the aim of encouraging a more open culture, based around the community, group creation and collaborative practices as an artistic, educational and social model. This renowned company focuses on the creation of choreographic pieces, where music and the visual arts converse and pose questions.

Production by Fundación Saludarte and Colectivo Lisarco with the suport of Centro de Danza Canal & l’OSCYL