Cantata Small Hall


Irene i la terra adormida

Fundació Mallorca Literària



November, 03

6 p.m.


55 minutes


5 euros

Irene i la terra adormida is a cantata written by Francesc Vicens (music) and the writer Lucia Pietrelli (lyrics). The creation is embedded in the project aimed towards disseminating the Tradicionari de Mallorca, and provides another opportunity to make well-rooted rituals known in the Mallorcan society. Far from the prevailing attitude in modern-day society, which has spread a veil of mystery and tragedy around everything related to death, the book of Mallorcan traditions contains the keys for establishing a new comprehensive relationship between the meaning of death in connection with life, undertaking the existence of natural cycles of which we are part and with which humankind, in many cultures and different eras, has known how to relate. The cantata is accompanied by a text that acts as a common theme, linking each one of the musical compositions and representing the narration of Irene's story, the little girl who ‘left such a big void’ that on the Nit de les Ànimes (Halloween) she returns to the world of the living to reencounter everything she had left unfinished.

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Musical direction
Francesc Vicens

Stage management
Miquel Àngel Torrens

Mariantònia Salas (Irene)
Miquel Àngel Torrens, Bàrbara Nicolau (other voices)

Coral Juvenil de Joventuts Musicals de Palma (filial de la CUIB)
Director: Santiago Francia
Clàudia Sánchez: Oboe
Esteban Belinchón: Cello
Pere Dàvila: Guitarra, bouzouki, guitarró and percussion
Maria Danús: Piano