Music Great Hall


Quique González & Toni Brunet In concert



July, 30

8 p.m.


90 minutes


Between 8 and 25 euros

After a break of over one year without playing for a live audience, Quique González goes back on the road for several special concert dates this summer to present a choice selection of his repertoire. Among other things, this break has been useful to give form to a new studio work that you will soon be hearing about. Meanwhile, it is time to get out and play music.  

On this occasion, he will go on stage at the Principal with Toni Brunet, Majorcan guitarist and producer, who has been living in Madrid since 2003. Brunet has collaborated with Quique González ever since he co-produced Las Palabras Vividas, his latest recording. Brunet has also worked with leading artists such as Coque Malla, Miguel Ríos and Andrés Suárez, among others. 

Both artist will lead a concert that is certain to be a highlight on the musical calendar this summer. 

In collaboration with Es Claustre de Menorca. Presented in Fila U, for The Summer Festival of the Teatre Principal de Palma

Quique González
Vocals and guitar

Toni Brunet
Guitar and backing vocals

Es Claustre Ciutadella 2021