Poetry Great Hall


Festa de la poesia XXIV Festival de Poesia de la Mediterrània



November, 29

8 p.m.


60 minutes

Recommended age

From 14 years

Twenty-fourth anniversary of the Mediterranean Poetry Festival and a more radical and powerful slogan than ever: Poetry is fight. In a society taken over by war, injustice, inequality, misery, pain and the thousands of diseases that try to transform human beings into oblivious and robotic people through multiple slaveries and consumerism, poetry stands up as a fighting tool able to liberate the spirit. This tool is capable of increasing our perception and thought, to make us freer and happier

We have summoned nine poets, speakers of five different languages to recite their verses. They will tell and sing about the passing of time, about the adventures of love, about the anguish caused by solitude, about the fervour of transformations, the sadness of failure, the tenderness of solidarity and the joy of living. To enjoy ourselves and make the others enjoy. To stay alive in a world of zombies.

Three great Catalan poets will be commemorated for their hundredth anniversary. A hundred years ago master Miquel Costa i Llobera died, and also a hundred years ago Gabriel Ferrater and Joan Fuster were born. We will relish with the recitation of their winged verses.

Antoni Cuenca, orchestra conductor and musician, will accompany the musical voices of poetry with the creativity of his double bass.

Biel Mesquida

Miquel Àngel Adrover
Ramón Andrés
Odile Arqué
Arnau Barios
Louise Dupré
Mari Luz Esteban
Clara Fiol
Nisrín Akram Khouri
Aina Riera

Double bass
Antoni Cuenca

Joan Fullana

Image and graphics
Pedro Oliver

Scenography and video projections
cataclístic magnètik