Festival de Teresetes Small Hall


Blancanieves La Chana Teatro



May, 20


May, 21



50 minutes



Recommended age

From 5 years

We all know the fairy tale Blancanieves; this is the reason behind our initiative to narrate this classic fairy tale in a different manner. We are adapting it to an object theatre show for children where the object is somehow manipulated in a manner that allows children to easily assign an idea to an object. Moreover, the comical and sometimes absurd octosyllabic verse revitalizes the narrative account and turns it into a game. This procedure will induce the children to naturally understand the theatrical codes. 

Blancanieves is a light; the only lighting object in the show indeed. Her purity and innocence illuminate her, allowing her to see the seven dwarves. In this show, innocence is the main theme and its light signifies the semantic field of the narrative; thus, most of the protagonist objects are included in this field. 

Author, Director and Performer Jaime Santos  

Direction Assistant Ana Luz de Andrés 

Performer Jaime Santos 

Lighting Design María Lesmes 

Lighting and Sound Marta Iglesias 

Music Pep Pascual