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La posibilidad de la ternura Teatro La Re-Sentida

Marco Layera / Carolina de la Maza



October, 09

7 p.m.


90 minutes




Between 8 and 25 euros

Recommended age

From 14 years

In a world in which wars led by men continue to exist, in which racial hate crimes, LGBTQIA+PHOBIA and gender violence are perpetrated mostly by men, in which many of them continue to exercise the power to dominate and make others suffer, is where the practice of tenderness acquires revolutionary power by allowing other masculinities to live away from this barbarity and brutality. 

In La posibilidad de la ternura (The Possibility of Tenderness), a group of 7 young Chileans between the ages of 13 and 17 decide to resist the cultural mandate that imposes them to be aggressive and authoritarian through the practice of tenderness, understanding it as the needed energy to transform their virile toughness into affection. 

They embark on their own masculinity construction, facing the fear of being insulted, humiliated and marginalised, opening up for the first time to the possibility of holding each other down and showing affection freely and asking themselves endless questions: How do we change ourselves if we don't have a male model as a reference to adopt? What is it that stops us from showing affection, from asking for affection? What do we fear? How much love is missing in men's lives in our culture? How do we resist a cultural mandate that imposes aggressiveness on us? How do we defend tenderness? How do we make it a political practice?

Direction and playwriting
Marco Layera, Carolina de la Maza

José Miguel Araya Moreno, Leftrarü Valdivia Castro, Camilo Bugueño Espejo, Efraín Chaparro Pérez, Matías Mendez González, Dimitri Bueno Ferrer and Marcos Cruz Andulce

Aljoscha Begrich

Theoretical collaboration
Ernesto Orellana

Direction assistant
Katherine Maureira

General production
Victoria Iglesias Álvarez de Araya

Audiovisual record
Humberto Espinoza

Lighting design
Karl Sateler

Set design
Compañía Re-Sentida

Costume design
Daniel Bagnara

Sound design
Andrés Quezada

Head engineer
Karl Sateler

Rodrigo Mardones

September 14, 2023, Ruhrtriennale

Gabriela Mistral Centre, GAM, and Ruhrtriennale

Münchner Kammerspiele 

Executive production and distribution
Carlota Guivernau

@carlotaguivernau @teatrolaresentida
@carlota.guivernau @Teatro La Resentida