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Victoria Lerma

Els Principals d'IB3



October, 03

8 p.m.


75 minutes


20 euros

Victoria Lerma signs off her new work, where she discharges emotions with a healing vocation. "At High Speed" unleashes a storm of feelings that shakes our reality and wild nature through a transparent soul and firm voice. The verses are agile yet with a direct message of her experience and hope."At High Speed" could be understood as a logbook with its pages in turmoil. Here you will find open wounds and scars caused, to a large extent, by the whims of Cupid; but it also throws darts aimed at an empty reality that manifests itself through a cold and insensitive screen. This Majorcan woman has produced sincere and honest work where, surely, you will find common places in the imagery that she develops in her texts, because life -and, especially its setbacks- equalize us and make us evaluate the problems that lurk every time the sun rises.Victoria Lerma, in this case, shows her concerns through songs made openly and in such an elegant and concise way that it is almost scary. In fact, the silence that ensues when “At High Speed” hits its last chord is such that you'll need to listen to the record again.This way you will appreciate all the layers that make up each word, which do not remain in a sparse superficiality. Absences are addressed without rancor; nostalgia surfaces with a halo of gratitude for the happiness it has offered. Difficult moments are remembered with the will to improve and not from victimhood. And the joy for the benefits that cross our path is exalted without resorting to sterile sweeteners.Victoria Lerma's speech in “At High Speed” shows maturity and demands time. The moment must be savored calmly and passionately to remember it on fire rather than going to a social network to remember it. This revolution uses a forceful instrumental minimalism that provides forcefulness and intimacy. It brings an irresistible and brave game of contrasts that defines a composer who offers refuge as well as light in her songs.

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